Setting up APEX on a Standby Database Server

Recently i had to set-up Oracle Apex on a Standby Database Server. Below are the steps that i performed.

1] Install HTTP server from the Companion CD of 10gR2

Select Oracle Database 10g Companion Products

The Installation should be done in a new oracle home.

Select Apache Standalone

 Few more clicks and got it installed.

2] Copy the apex directory inside Oracle HTTP home in the Primary to the Oracle HTTP home in Standby

3] Copy the marvel.conf or dads.conf present under OHS/Apache/modplsql/conf/ in Primary to the Standby

4] To access the Apex the database should be open. It will not work in read only mode.
So create a guaranteed restore point and open the database and test and flashback to the restore point and apply logs

5] Start the http service
 OHS/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall

6] Access Apex.
 It can be either http://machinename:port/pls/apex or http://machinename:port/pls/htmldb. Check your dads entry in dads.conf or marvel.conf

Marvel.conf is for older versions of http server,but still there is a chance that your Primary system might be still using the same. Open the either marvel.conf or dads.conf and confirm which is being used and copy it to the standby. I copied the marvel.conf from primary to standby (as i had marvel.conf in my primary). But it didn’t work. So in standby moved all the contents of the marvel.conf to dads.conf and removed marvel.conf 

[$]cd $OHS/Apache/modplsql/conf/
[$]mv dads.conf dads.conf_old
[$]mv marvel.conf dads.conf and it worked

7] Flashback the database to the restore point created in step 4 and apply the logs





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