Compression with 11g expdp

In 9i, I used to export and then gzip the dump file, but with 10g, oracle expdp could compress the METADATA, but with 11g, I can compress everything. Yes, expdp of 11g has more compression options than erstwhile 10g

$ expdp help=y



Reduce the size of a dump file.

Valid keyword values are: ALL, DATA_ONLY, [METADATA_ONLY] and NONE.


 I did a comparison between  11G’s expdp, 11G’s expdp + compression=ALL, 11G’s expdp + GZIP and exp + pipe node + GZIP on a database of size 2GB(approx) and below table describes the size of the dump file.

Sno Scenario Size in MB
1 Expdp 2226
2 expdp + compression=ALL 522
3 expdp + gzip 425
4 exp + pipe node + gzip 424

 There wasn’t much notable difference in the time taken. Whatever, I would  go for the 11g expdp with compression=all than erstwhile exp.


4 thoughts on “Compression with 11g expdp

  1. expdp + gzip 425

    This is what you wrote… was it a manual zipping of the dmp file , or you added something in the script itself to perform the operation.kindly let me know !



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